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My name is Polina Serebrennikova and i’m an artist.
Born 1989 in Moscow, Russia.
After graduating Moscow Art Industrial Institute in 2010 i moved to Tel Aviv, Israel.
You may find me painting in my roof studio or working as a web designer or enjoying some sport activities, art exhibitions, reading and traveling whenever there’s an opportunity.
Below i tried to explain why the hell i’m doing what i’m doing, please enjoy.

+ - Artist Statement


When I’m in front of an easel and work is going well — that’s rapture, self-fulfillment, confidence.
Furthermore, painting for me is a sort of necessity, because ideas demand realization.
My key values both in art and life are Purity, Strength and Sincerity.
With my paintings I want to evoke an Emotion. While experiencing this emotion, viewer will explore it and then feel purified, like ancient Greek theatergoers.


Fundamental motive of my paintings is the man dealing with existential questions.
Man in solitude.
Man striving.
Man going through a crisis.
Apparently, this motive is the melody of my life, something very intimate.


Format and technique selection is dictated to the theme and the goal of a specific artwork, I never accept off-the-shelf solutions. My credo is reasonableness and continuous search for new.
I aspire to achieve purity by giving up all the unnecessary details. In our rapidly streaking forward world purity and simplicity are getting more and more value.
However, every painting needs some spice — an innuendo, intrigue, mystery. Sometimes that’s an unexpected twist in the plot, sometimes — unusual palette, technique and materials. I leave some areas of my paintings roughly worked to let viewer’s imagination work and create missing details. This way I show my respect, viewer’s attitude becomes active, and painting gains a real depth.

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